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matthewlmy [userpic]

a new phase in life

June 29th, 2010 (01:18 am)
current location: edimburgo
current mood: accomplished
current song: empire state of mind (yes, still listening to this)

hello my long neglected blog!

congratulations Dr Lee..! but just call me "Matt" as always.
phew! medical school is over. and it is now just the beginning.
a new phase in life. working life. even more independence. i want my mum & dad!
can't wait to get my first pay check! hmmm.. what to spend it on?
iphone4? htc?

holidays are usually a good time for me to step outside routines & reorganise life.
some of my friends are no longer golf virgins. foong. clement. anan. keat. hohoho.
good holiday so far! some more firsts in this holiday:
played (mini) golf on brunstfield links for the first time! wanted to do this 5 years ago since i arrived in edinburgh.
joined my first spanish conversational meetup group today! wanted to do this few years ago.
tried first capoiera lesson ever today! yes, also wanted to do this a year back!
first go-karting experience! it's scary being suddenly knocked from behind.. but not as scary to knock someone from behind!
auntie anne is right, never put off anything, enjoy each moment.
glad to have good friends to share these moments with.

thank you father, for peace of mind. give me a pure heart.
please help me not be homeless any longer for july & august.

also this holiday, i learned to really appreciate having a roof over my head & a place to stay.
perhaps i'd taken this for granted over the last 5 years.

had the urge to travel faraway & exciting this holiday, but have not yet made plans! *sigh* my last minute-ness..
might still go somewhere in july, hopefully i might find a suitable travel buddy
although i've travelled alone plenty before too in new york & beijing!

thanks auntie anne for the beautiful message below, for new doctors:
(oops can't paste it here somehow). here's a link to it: 

- Matt